Wednesday, 5 November 2008

An Obamanation!


I lend my happiness into the pool of millions of others in this nation and around the world who sat back and clapped and cheered and cried and stood in witness to this historic event.

Holy Daughter and Holy Son were so happy, they ran out onto the cul de sac, shouting Go Obama! Yah, Obama! We live in a mostly Democrat neighborhood on a mostly Democrat street but the great irony is that we weren't able to vote.

So on behalf of this green cards-in-waiting family, thank you thank you to all who voted, any many for the first time.

As a UU, it means a lot to know that we'll have a President in the White House who gets issues of inequality and social justice. Who sees beyond the blue and red and supposedly-divisive colors on the U.S. ma. More to the point, who sees beyond the U.S. map, period.

I am ecstatic, as any Canadian in the U.S. would be, to know that change is immiment in January. I've been staring at my neighbor's Impeach Bush window sign for more than a year and I can't help but wonder, as I saw it again this morning, what the reaction in the White House was. Blink and miss the news - I had to go searching for it. Apparently, President Bush passed election day quietly. As he has much of this term as President, as well. He gave a public statement this morning that was magnamious in spirit. It will be an interesting time ahead to see how he rides off into the Texas sunset as the most unpopular President recent history has ever known.

But I so can't wait to see Barack, Michelle, their daughters and their new puppy cross the threshold into The White House. It really will be the dawn of a new era in U.S. politics. I don't envy him the work and challenges ahead of him. I worry for his safety but I wish him godspeed and every success. He's campaigned hard yet made it all seem effortless. For this alone, he should be applauded.

Happier days are here on the horizon, if only because the psyche in the nation has lightened.

God bless America.

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