Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Googling God

The funny thing about maintaining an eclectic blog/guide to the galaxy and all things cosmic, kismet and inane, (in which I wax and wane profusely on matters ranging from God to food to books to cartoons to cults to politics to life, the universe and everything in between), is that I'm never quite sure who's going to stumble on in.

The Google search strings lately have been wild and wacky, by cracky.

In no particular order, they include:

  • 21st century thought on what is sacred and what is profane and where do the two cross (at the corner of Church and State?)
  • plymouth rocks (you betcha)
  • almsgiving procures for us admission (alrighty almighty then)
  • words that follow holy (ummmm, schmidt?)
  • mystics and experience of eschatology (I didn't know anyone Googled eschatology - cool)
  • blood holier than water (so are donuts)
  • golden blood alien (OK, that's creepy)
  • Eucharistic holy spells (is that an oxymoron?)
  • third degree (a Master Mason wannabe, I'm guessing)
  • Gumby limbo image (I get tons of hits for Gumby - plymouth rocks but Gumby rules)
  • Eckhart Tolle the antichrist (poor Eckhart - he's getting a ton of hits on my site)
  • if I should die before I wake words (if you should die before you wake, you probably don't have to worry about setting the alarm anymore)
  • blood is thicker than water analogy (but water freezes and so might hell by the time you find any answers to that search here at holyschmidtland)
  • religion and blood to save a life (there but by the grace of God go thee)
  • are most holy wars about religion (is this a rhetorical question or would you like me to answer this?)
  • red secret cult blood to blood (I'm going to Google this one myself - I'm curious now)
  • pilgrimess moves (yup, 22 times in my life to be exact)
  • lego workshop Alberta (lego my Vegreville egg-o)
  • bloody guts (that's what I get for typing graphic words on my blog)
  • ancient rivers polluted (and modern ones too)
  • controversy of religious symbols in chocolate (a good slogan might be, bite me)
  • death and glory and schmitt (not necessarily in that order, I'm sure)
  • etymology of word jihad (in a word - struggle)
  • questioning the truth of midnight in the garden of good and evil (this site should actually be titled, 'questioning the truth')
  • oprah tolle hubbard connection (I had to Google this one myself - go ahead, I dare you)
  • the strangling game (OK, that is beyond creepy)
  • holy cards, (all holy roads lead here, I guess)
  • meaning of burquah (male oppression)
  • menstrual mysteries eckhart oprah (say wah?)
  • jesus tongue (no comment)
  • origin of no guts no glory (beats me)
  • new earth theology theodicy (clearly a scholarly search but if you're looking for the theodicy of Eckhart, start with chapter 4 - Pain Body)
  • indian goddess blood sacrifice (I'm never blogging about blood again)
  • blood drain acts (I rest my case)
And so I guess there's not much else to add, except to ask: What Scooby would do? Because I've always wanted to have that search string in my list of big life questions.


Anonymous said...

You DEFINITELY win for strangest Google hits ever, Holy. And you're a 'religious' site. Wowzers. What WOULD Scooby do?

Anonymous said...

This is too funny! I left you a contact request with my e-mail regarding your new site, but never heard back, so i hope you got it, and more importantly, hope you include me on the list :-)
Be well,

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