Friday, 4 January 2008

Presidential Lament

Normally I wouldn't be given to blogging about politics on my religion-only blog, but since the two are so incestuously entwined in this nation and in this Presidential race, my rant is apropos.

Actually it's not a rant but a public prayer akin to the kind of desperate bargaining I used to make with the Big One when I was a kid: Please God, don't let Huckabee win. I promise I'll be a nicer person and I'll even pray more, even when I don't want things.

The last thing this country needs is yet another Presidential hopeful from Arkansas with a name like would do nothing for its public persona internationally, which is negligible at best.

And the last thing this country needs is someone to further build the Theocracy. Besides, anyone who studied religion yet professes to not be entirely sure if Mormonism is a religion or a cult. It's frightening to say the least.

And I'm not just saying all this because I'm an Obama fan. And because I think Obama gave a brilliant speech last night, even if he was a little heavy on the rhetoric.

I can't vote anyways. And I just found out that because I wasn't born here, I can't run for President. Which is a good thing anyways. My religiosity would be called into question and even I would be hard pressed to define it.


Jungle Mama said...

Okay, so who ever said a rose with any other name would not smell as sweet?

Anonymous said...

Too bad! I'd vote for you :-)

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