Saturday, 10 November 2007

Pilgrim's Progress

"Hello darkness my old friend.
I've come to talk with you again."
Simon & Garfunkel

The dog and pony show has now packed up and left town and with it, the many lurkers who tiptoed and traipsed through the tulips this past week have also vanished. The Holy halls, once again, echo with the sound of silence.

And no surprise there - the big dog took best of show. A few of us small mixed breed types looked OK ~ we clean up well if nothing else - but it was no contest. It woulda coulda shoulda been though. The Deacon's Bench was by far the best blog of the bunch but sadly, he failed to win the purple ribbon.

That doesn't matter though. The 'real' contest was happening over here in Holy land. And if you entered my contest, you are no doubt, waiting with "bated breath and whisp'ring humblenesse."

Yes, that's right, ladies and gentlemen, the contest votes have been tabulated and the results are official. In strict accordance with ANUS rules (Academy of Novelties and Utilitarian Souvenirs), the ballots were carefully placed into the Tupperware container with the least amount of orange spaghetti sauce stains ringing its belly, before being painstakingly crumpled into origami-like creations, in order that a Gelert entry ballot might be of the same inscrutable nature as that of a Jeri vote. It was then shaken and stirred, in bruised and Bonded fashion, and all was completely apropos; that is, until that one renegade slip attempted to jump ship to the hardwood floor and had to be plunked back into the ballot pool. I can't be sure, but I think it was Brenda having a guilt moment that she voted for me instead of the big Catholic blog frontrunner.
The award-winning ballot was then hand-selected with sticky hot chocolate fingers at 13:58 hours by Holy Daughter, Managing Director of Earnest Young Incorpserratedging. (How big did you think this group was anyways?)

But not before she dared question the very integrity of the prize.

"What are you doing this contest for anyways, Mom?"
"It's a contest for my blog, sweetie. For everyone who voted for me in the Best Religious Blog
"Oh. Cool. What do they win?"
"The holy toast stamper, just like the one we have."
Thinks a moment. "That thing. I thought you were doing like a real prize."

Out of the mouths of babes. But real schmeal. This is cyberspace, where surreality reins supreme.

Anyways, it was all auspicious and above board, or should I say, bored, because Holy Daughter had to stifle a yawn as she chose the lucky entry from the container. OK, so it's not exactly the Emmy's, but without further ado, drumroll please....

The winner of the Holy Toast stamper is.....


If you could please hold your applause until the end. Here to accept the award on his behalf is...Holy. His name isn't really Pilgrim. That's his surreal name, but old habits die hard. He's actually a man of many pseudonyms ~ Pilgrim, Captain Rotundo and Bloggeezer (BG for short) are but three of many. Take a moment though to stop by his blog and congratulate him on his holy winnings.

To be fair, there were a few names, Pilgrim's included, that claimed a handful of spots in the ballot bowl, as befit their daily voting status. I was actually teasing him the other day via e-mail about how many ballots he had stuffed in the box and even gave him a Holy handshake and wished him luck. I didn't really expect him to win though. I actually thought one of the one-vote wonders (it only takes one) would claim victory in this auspicious contest.

So there you have it. Thanks to all of you for voting, aiding and abetting my meteoric rise up the ranks to 5th place, with 212 votes and 6.1% of the vote.

And for all my capital R religious friends and family who have been expressly avoiding my blog this past week in light of the sacrilegious scandal of my finalist status, you may now come back and visit, and even venture to drop a line. The contest is really and truly over, the coast is clear and as of this writing, I have no plans to start my own religion anytime soon.

But look for more contest kitsch in the future. Another friend of mine, Sam, pointed out that Archie McPhee, my favorite Seattle shop, has a new patron saint chutzkah. I like it. I like it alot. So perhaps I'll run a Hollydays and Holy Days contest in December. For guttsiest God story or conversely, ungodliest guts tale.

Speaking of holidays and the spirit of love and light, happy belated Diwali.


Anonymous said...

well, I think you should have won!

I think that Anne Frank quote is so sad - knowing what was to come. Hope you are well and blooming.


pp said...

I Won! I WON! I can hardly believe it! I NEVER win anything!

I would like to humbly thank the academy and all those little people who made this triumphant moment possible. (Oooops! Wrong speech)

My heartfelt thanks to Holy for making me aware of this prestigious event, and allowing me to participate.

Special props to Holy Daughter for selecting my name in what was, I am certain, a fair and impartial drawing. (The check is in the mail

So, in closing, let me say that I will treasue the Holy Toaster forever and ever.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

pp said...

p.s. I agree with Gel. - it's a great quote from Anne Frank. What an amazing individual she must have been, especially for one so very young.


Anonymous said...

You ran a great race - and you didn't come in anywhere near last. Woo hoo!

And - I hope some of your new traffic sticks around to enjoy your spiritual wanderings.

I noticed - that like a supremely graceful competitor - you added a link to Deacon's Bench to your blogroll That's class. :)

Anonymous said...

I have not been around for a long time so it was good to catch up on your post. My site is now down but you still showed up on my Live list.

Anonymous said...

That whole guilt thing keeps coming back to bite me! Anyway, big 'Congrats!' to Pilgrim as I try REALLY HARD not to be jealous of his winnings, lest I get sent back to the confessional.

It looks like a very nice holy toaster. I still want one. *sniff*

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