Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The Father, Fun & The Holy Toast

Voting closes in 24 hours. Looks like I'm getting my assets kicked by the other shortlistees, who clearly have way more friends, Romans, countrymen and/or deities lending them their ears and votes.

But I have something they don't and that's Kitchen Kitsch. That's right - it's perhaps one of the most beautiful examples of the overlap between the sacred and profane.

It's not too late to add kitsch to your kitchen though. Place your Holy Vote and you, too, could be eating Special K in the morning. A vote for Holy is a rabbit toehold in the drawing for you to win that lovely mediatrix bread stamper, featured in all its glory a couple of posts below. And it only takes one vote to win and/or be a Holy Roller.


Actually, from the looks of the polls, there are a decent amount of born-again voters spreading their love amongst my various competitors, but none come close to the resurrected Christendom that is Father Z's Roman Empire. He's literally beating the Pope to the altar with 41% + market share of fans.

It makes me think that maybe I really do need to get off this small soapbox more and do some cyber-evangelizing and planting and tithing and passing of the Holy hock plate and all that fun stuff that goes along with amassing converts and disciples and white fluffy sheep.

Speaking of collection plate, I hate to keep picking on the good padre in Italy (who bears an uncanny resemblance to both Kevin Spacey and Bobby Darin), but his paypal pandering kinda sorta brought a smile to my face.

To be fair, I banter his name about when really, I'm actually poking metonymical fun at the machine behind the man - his blog institution, as it were. But I couldn't help but notice he has a rather clever, if prominent, procurement appeal on his blog. Check it out. He put his collection plate right on his blog. You can't miss it. Upper left hand corner.

Now don't get me wrong, I admire a priest with's so, I dunno, JC (Judeo-Christian) of him. Said donation button actually makes great sense from a cyber church perspective. It's bound to be way more lucrative than the paltry revenues Adsense generates. But he doesn't stop there.

He's also got an Amazon book wish list link. Now I know I'm not supposed to be coveting thy neighbor's schtuff, but I'm digging this book link idea.

More on this in my next post though, when I blog about prophets. I mean profits. I mean prophets and profits.


EnoNomi said...

Well you got my vote. I hadn't heard of this blog until I saw it on the list of finalists. I'll be adding you to my rss feed and looking forward to your future entries.

Anonymous said...

I voted for you several times. (4 or 5) But then I always vote for brains. And friends. :)

It's my perspective that really complex cosmological models don't inspire fanaticism to the same degree that simplistic, black-and-white belief does. And that influences the accompanying voting pattern.

Holy said...

enonomi: little wonder - up until this past week, I had about 5 readers. Always nice to discover new blogs and disparate worldviews. Thx for the vote.

Jeri: why thank you...thank you very much (in my best Elvis voice). I get to make up 5 entry forms for you then. I'll do the draw this weekend.

But well said. The more we know, the less we know, which is why it's important that we never get to the stage where we recite, Faith is Faith, and Reason is Reason, and never the twain shall meet...

Anonymous said...

I voted, too. I am outnumbered, however, by conventional born-agains and computer geeks with digital toolboxes that include the ability to vote more than once.

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