Thursday, 8 March 2007

Confessions of a Holy Mind

Holy Schmidt, I did it!

Forgive me Bill, for I have sinned. It has been a lifetime since my last confession and a daily transgression in my mind of infidelity.

And now it's finally happened. I lifted the skirt of my burquah, dusted the dirt off the hem and now here I am, in bed with a new blog server. I had the good sense to keep my veil on, though. And like all good blog whores, I had the good sense to adsense.

On that note, welcome to my new blog boudoir. It's much the same schmidt, only holier.

Because while I still offer my cosmic, kismet and inane thought and tales as sacred tithe to the universe, and while I shall still list holy books, words, and links and confessions, I intend to do only that. Keep it holy, that is.

On earth as it is in heaven and all that.

What would be adequate penance for my sins? Drinking 10 bloody marys? Or having to skip boisterously down the street singing Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Or maybe nothing because at the end of the day, it just doesn't matter.

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said just that: What if the hokey pokey is all that it's about?

What if, indeed.


Becca said...

Ok, so I can be a smarta** here right?

So what is under that burquah anyway? Ok, so I am in a funny, sarcastic mood tonight and you just have to put up with it! That is what friends are for!


Gelati Farms said...


Very groovy...this place feels like it needs a bong or something...and I noticed you have us linked, so, maybe we can loan either the wine bong or the coffee bong. Add some beaded curtains and a turkish rug and we are s.e.t.

Also...when you mentioned the lifting of the burkah skirt, I thought for sure it was to moon the Gate...

EbNflo said...

Ahhhh... this looks great! "You" really "pop" in that picture with this background. (snicker)

When I read you were lifting the burkah skirt, I thought that you were defining "Holy" (I've been snickerin' all morning. *snicker*)

I'd do a little celebratory belly dance for you but I don't have a snake. Yet. If I go to work for Petco, problem solved. Consider it a raincheck. If not, I'll do a little jig in the desert the next time I see a rattlesnake... (You can bet it won't be a little jig if that happens.)

I like it. This is very Omar Shariff-ish. Where's the camel?


EbNflo said...

PS... and WOW... I just saw it... I can get me some Islamic Prayers Ringtones here.


VENTL8R said...

I agree with Gelati - there's a need for some sitar music and belly dancers, a smoky room of something worthwhile.

Tamborine, anyone?

aging hippy said...

You can change your space but not your spots.

Bill Gates will crush you for abandoning Spaces for a tent in Googleland.

I like the new neighborhood.

Revealing what is under the burka is like revealing what is under the kilt... Insiders know, the rest of the universe wonders and makes wild guesses.

Lynn said...

I had a great comment all written out..I truly did. And then I had to sign up for a Google account and make a blog so I COULD comment here...*laugh*
You sure Bill Gates isn't running this?
I'll set down this nice potted plant I brought you on the little table looks like a fern, but it's not.

Gelati Farms said...

Looks like a fern, hmmmm? Holy, can Lynn come by anytime???

Holy said...

What's under the burquah? How sacrilegious a thought is that, people - come on!

Actually you can tell alot about a woman by the burquah she sports - young girls wear bright colored ones - older woman wear black ( comments from the peanut gallery)....but underneath - that truly is anyone's guess - rumour has it the women deliberately wear racy lingerie as hidden protest to this form of cultural oppression (thinly disguised as reverence and respect for women, of course).

I own a blue burquah. I've always wanted to wear it out for Halloween with a pair of black fishnets. Mind you, I've always wanted to dress as a pregnant nun too...whassup with that, I wonder?

Anyways, thx for popping by, all - and for your offerings of bongs and plants and sitars and turkish carpets...and check out that Islamic ringtone prayer link - just below the Holy Family link (snicker, snort) and right above the Roman Catholic one. Love it.

Jeri said...

Tell the truth - did you leave Bill because of his hair? Or was it really all his freaky followers, like you said?

If I can cast a vote, here, I'd like to have scantily dressed tribal dancers of the male persuasion in addition to belly dancers. Obsequious lackeys with cold beverages and peppermint foot oil would be a nice touch, too.

Very nice vibe. Please pass the hookah. ;)

Chief Peep said...

Was that incense I just inhaled upon arriving at THIS NEW SMOKIN' BLOG of yours?! Wowee wowza, Holy friend. Quite impressive.

EbNflo said...

Tsk... I came by here to tell you something but the phone rang and by the time I got back to this... I can't remember what in the heck I was gonna say.
I hate that.
Thanks for the birthday wishes. :)
Hmmm.. was that it?
If it comes back to me... I'll be back.

EbNflo said...

Oh, I just remembered what it was...
I got a Google hit this morning for "Dale Evans Room Freshener"

I wonder what THAT smells like?

KC said...

OH... I am so going to love it here.. and the discussion topics... so much food for thought!!! The added bonus is that I can access blogger from work but not spaces - so I can keep up to date on my lunch! Thanks for letting me access your new home!!!!

Ciao bella,

Hollie said...

Love it Holy and cant wait for some great faith blogs!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Holy. Your new place looks good. Thanks for sending me the links & I'll update my Shweet Blogs list as soon as I can.

The Beast Mom said...

You'll see that hokey pokey saying in Cannon Beach. It's posted in multiple places.

The quote at the top of your blog page reminded me of another quote:

"Conventionality is not morality. Self-righteousness is not religion. Too attack the first is not to assail the last. To pluck the mask from the face of the Pharisee is not to lift an impious hand to the Crown of Thorns."

-Bronte in her dedication to Thackery at the start of "Jane Eyre".

Sadiq said...

welcome to the world of blog!

i was surprised to see my blog link here! my appreciation.

with love and blessings,

Anonymous said...

I like the 'Holy Thought of the week.'

Holy Thought of the Week

"To live fully is to let go and die with each passing moment, and to be reborn in each new one."

~ Jack Kornfield ~